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Tigger is my 15 year old "Big Boy". He walked into my home when he was less than one year old, and he never left. No one ever claimed him... their loss. He is a very sweet, and patient cat. Sleeps in bed with me every night, but has his own "Jewel Pet Bed" (4 of them to be exact.. he is spoiled)
Snowflake is about 10 years old. I rescued her 8 1/2 years ago from a high kill animal shelter. She was very thin and ill, & unfortunately went through an un necessary surgery after I adopted her- the vet where the shelter recommended she get spayed opened her up only to realize she already was. This sick little girl took a long time to recover.. but she is doing wonderful and is a very happy, healthy indoor kitty.
Honey is about 3 years old. This little One-Eyed sweetheart was sitting in my front yard 2 1/2 years ago looking around very confused and scared. I scooped her up and brought her inside only to find out that she was pregnant and about to have kittens. After she gave birth to her beautiful and healthy kittens I was able to adopt them out to great homes. Honey is a wonderful little kitty. She is so very special, and a big cuddler, full of purrs. 
Blackie  is a stray kitty that showed up about 6 years ago. She is a very sweet girl with a very loud, very long meow. She likes to stay outside during the day, but I get her inside at night (due to coyotes in my neighborhood). And, yes she has her own "Jewel Pet Bed" too... so spoiled.
No Tail is a feral kitty that I just LOVE so much. This guy showed up right after Blackie, but up until the past year he would only sneak up to the food when no one was around, and would run the second he saw a person. He now will come up to me as I am feeding him (or should I say "spoiling him"), but will not let me touch him. He will run off if I move my hand anywhere near him. He has come a long way since he first showed up. He has 2 cat houses in my yard, and he sleeps there all the time. During the days he lies out very long in the yard.  I wish I could get him indoors, but this boy isn't ready just yet.

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