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Not So Shabby Pets was created by model turned designer Melissa Pearcy.

Her love of animals and involvement with various pet rescue organizations is what inspired her to create this company, designing the majority of the products herself. Being a designer with 10 years experience specializing in Shabby Chic/ Vintage style furnishings allowed for her to come up with what she feels is a beautiful design for pets and owners alike.
Pearcy created Not So Shabby Pets after stray cats started showing up in her front yard, and not wanting to leave. She was compelled to find some type of housing for them to keep them warm and safe. There were many cat and dog houses available, however she wanted something that was not just good for the kitties, but also visually appealing to her as well. She needed something that would fit in with her cottage rose gardens, and would look beautiful as well as being functional. After much research, Pearcy found the perfect cat/dog houses. She painted them white and placed them in her yard. The cats took to them immediately. Neighbors and passers by would ask where to get the houses, and one thing led to another and Not So Shabby Pets was born.
When the weather heated up in Southern California, the kitties wanted to lie outside rather than in the cat house. On a mission once again, Pearcy found herself looking for a shabby style pet bed that would look beautiful and serve it's purpose for the kitties. The beds she found were very poor quality and the majority of them were imported. She then decided to design her own bed, and pet feeders and build them herself! Pearcy came up with a beautiful design that is functional for cats, and dogs as well as very appealing to the pet owners. The raised pet feeders are equally as beautiful, and very beneficial to pets.
Not only are Not So Shabby Pets products in the homes of many celebrities, but Melissa has personally donated numerous beds, and feeders to pet rescue groups, and continues in her efforts to help neglected, and homeless animals by donating over 20% of net proceeds to various animal welfare organizations, including (but not limited to)  The Humane Society of the United States, Best Friends Animal Society, and Kitten Rescue.
"I love what I do and take great pride in all of my work. All of my products are individually handcrafted in the U.S.A. from solid wood, and hand painted by myself with the utmost attention to detail. I do not offer anything that I do not have inside (and outside) my own home." 
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